12020 Virtual Step-A-Thon
Make Every Step Count
Participation date: 16 MAY 2020 – 17 JULY 2020
Each steps we make at home matters - we take each steps to cook, to clean, to care for our family, and to work from home to better contribute to our nation. 12020 steps challenge resembles as one nation, one world staying together to meet a common goal in year 2020 to social distancing and save lives. 
Each RM1.00 collected from tickets sold will be donated to Paralympic Council Malaysia to prepare the para-athletes for Tokyo Games.


We have weekly contest, gifts hosted by one of our partners - GSC Cinemas.
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Challenge's gifts will be hosted by another partner - MBO Cinemas and LEAV by Indah Cosmetics
Use hashtag: #12020VS to be eligible to register. Opens to 12020 Virtual Step-A-Thon only. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up now. Click below for registration link for the 12020 Virtual Step-A-Thon.